Vehicle technologies

Our Team

Our goal is to guarantee innovative vehicle and powertrain technologies for future generations of cars. Our vision is to achieve an automotive motion system mix that is tailored to customers’ requirements. We offer our customers a comprehensive selection of services applied to gasoline, diesel and hybrid injection systems, engine management, transmission control systems (including sensors and actuators) and component controls for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Our Competence and Skills

Engine Technology

  • Media Motive has experience in initial engine calibration in order to achieve performance, fuel economy and emissions based on testbench or in-vehicle development, including calibration tool development to give a fast ECU mapping and EOBD development.
  • Control and electronics content is an important part of qualitative and environmental improvements and as a result forms an integral part of the majority of Media Motive automotive projects (i.e. algorithm design and development for engine control including boost and EGR systems, valvetrain, combustion and after treatment control).
  • The Vehicle Technologies unit deals with the development of innovative system solutions through CAD software design as UG and CATIA for environmentally friendly and sustainable combustion engines. It is dedicated to making engines more powerful, yet at the same time more economical. We also handle designs developed for production using manufacturing and assembly techniques, including optimization of components and sub-systems.
  • Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) is commonly adopted by automotive companies to develop new control strategies in order to reduce the effort and the cost of the testing phase. Media Motive has experience in applying RCP application to test the multiple injections on a turbo charged spark ignition engine equipped with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) and Port Fuel Injection (PFI) on engine test bench. The experimental activity has been conducted to observe the effects of varying the injections number and timing on engine fuel consumption and smoke emissions.


Vehicle system

  • Vehicle Technologies unit uses its academic experience to support the development of innovative chassis and vehicle dynamics systems for lateral, longitudinal and vertical assets. These include scalable electronic brake systems and software solutions that help ensure vehicle stability and increase the ride comfort of cars, as well as chassis electronics and air suspension systems.
  • Media Motive has longstanding expertise and experience in engine and vehicle systems integration to meet specific requirements for gasoline, diesel and hybrid electric powertrains, including all aspects of electrical and electronic system design and integration, as safety sensors and actuators, instrument packs, cluster innovations, infotainment systems, body and chassis controllers, EOBD sensors. Control strategy is the key enabler for delivering fuel economy improvements and Media Motive has invested in hybrid controller development and hybrid control strategy development and testing, supporting H&EV architecture definition, using validated modelling and simulation tools to reach accurate fuel consumption and autonomy prediction, complete and flexible virtual environment simulation and co-simulation tailored on market requirements.

Our Offer

At Vehicle Technologies we:

  • Support our Customers in developing calibration activities on all types of combustion engines through ETAS INCA and other tools,
  • Implement high level control algorithms to optimise the engine behavior or vehicle dynamics with the Mathworks software suite,
  • Create CAD designs with UG NX9 or CATIA V5 for packaging, base engine, ergonomics and engine systems.