Research and Development has been at the very core of Media Motive’s DNA since its foundation, because of its academic roots. Media Motive is active in developing the technology and intellectual property that form the basis of its products. Through internal research, industrial research partnerships and government sponsored collaborative projects, Media Motive remains at the cutting edge of technology in all our products, market sectors and geographic territories. Our research and development specialists have a strong academic background, doctors and PHD students with expertise and experience across a wide range of industrial sectors.
The R&D team defines, designs and creates innovative solutions for rapidly – growing heterogeneous markets

  • Develop and implement new technologies by automation
  • Design and implement new products and embedded systems
  • Design electrical boards
  • Innovative project development

R&D has extensive experience in the formation and co-ordination of international research consortia including academia, industrial partners.  As well as with  other key stakeholders who have a solid track record of success in securing government funding for pre-competitive research initiatives aimed at meeting state or regional strategic objectives in:

  • Smart Cities
  • Automotive
  • Testing

R&D have designed and developed solutions around specific business aims using a foundation of research and insights like:

  • Testing Automation Platform for supporting the validation process
    • Testing of mobile and web applications
    • Hardware-In-the-Loop Testing of Automotive Embedded Systems
    • Testing for multimedia devices
  • Embedded systems for supporting the testing process
  • Smart and integrated systems for greener, safer and sustainable mobility
  • Electronic engineering services