New Headquarters Netcom Group in Milan Corvetto


New Headquarters Netcom Group in Milan Corvetto

The new headquarters of Netcom Group in Milan Corvetto is now operational. The Milan office is already configured with a lab to meet Sky Italy’s specific needs, providing support for their testing activities, both manual and automatic. The Office is also ready to welcome any market opportunities either from Milan, Lombardy or the surrounding areas. The activities, that can be performed with the active dedicated personnel on premises, will be:

Manual testing on STB’s decoders, consoles and any device with an HDMI output, including prototipe devices.
In the modern and functional headquarters, we have adopted strict and stringent security measures to ensure the confidentiality of the testing of prototypes with dedicated and reserved area. The tests can be executed on LNB SMATV and SCR technologies.
Testing automation can be performed via the two META devices installed in the lab.

META is an audio and video streaming analyzing system for STBs, Console and each HDMI output. For each DUT, it is possible to control and analyze video, audio, power, IR and all the input and the output signals

Through META devices you can perform automated testing up to 32 decoders in parallel, on LNB, SMATV and SCR technologies.