mhilIn-vehicle driving tests for evaluating the performance and diagnostic functionalities of engine control systems are often time consuming, expensive, and not reproducible.
Using a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation approach, new control strategies and diagnostic functions can be easily tested in real time, in order to reduce the effort and the cost of the testing phase.
We at Media Motive have created the MHIL, a portable electronic environment system, suited for HIL simulations, in order to test the engine control software and the diagnostic functionalities on a CAN line, through non-regression and diagnostic tests.
The MHIL consists of a signal generator, the electronic control unit (ECU) to be tested and the loads.
The device provides the complete set of inputs to the ECU, which elaborates these signals and produces the output.
Acquiring them, it is then possible to check the proper functioning of the control algorithms implemented in the ECU, performing functional and diagnostic tests.
A graphical interface, built in NI LabVIEW, allows the monitoring of the advanced status of the manoeuver and the tuning of the main defining parameters.