Media validation

Our Team

Media Testing & Validation (MT&V) is responsible for hardware/software testing and validation, in order to check the compliance with system specifications and customer expectations. The testing process has two distinct goals: to demonstrate to the developer and to the customer that software meets its requirements, and to discover situations in which the behavior of software is incorrect, undesirable or not compliant with its specification or standard. In the first case we perform validation testing by using a set of test cases that reflect the system’s expected use, while the second goal leads to defect testing, where we design test cases to discover the defects. In our laboratories, we perform both black-box and white-box testing. Our team supports the customer on both the production (live) and testing environment, managing the hardware/software system and each warning to ensure the quality of service. We perform our activities in our in-house laboratories or/and in customers’ laboratories.

Our Competence and Skills

MT&V is the leader in video streaming applications, able to integrate, migrate and certify solutions over OTT mobility, IP-Television, Satellite and terrestrial signal validation.  Thanks to the vast expertise and integration capabilities MT&V offers solutions that can optimize network performance enhancing the end user experience. Media Motive provides not only provides the Front End application services validation but also the Back End architecture optimisation, evaluating in each specific case the leading solutions like Mule ESB or JBoss ESB, among others. Thanks to its expertise MT&V is also the leader also security service, performing test activities on both Media and Information Technology environments. Working directly with the broadcasters MT&V is always looking for the best approach, optimising performances and finding the right balance between costs and benefits.

Our Offer

At MT&V we:

  • Support the customer in testing solutions carefully customised to specific needs to ensure the quality of service,
  • Define Acceptance Test Plan according to specifications and standard,
  • Are responsible for the test cycle validation, deploying the final version (sw/hw),
  • Perform testing and validation on OTT and IP-TV areas,
  • Perform testing and validation in the Digital Satellite and Terrestrial environments,
  • Perform testing and validation on Security Service,
  • Perform Testing and Validation on USIM validation.