M3τ, the latest product for automation testing from Media Motive joins the M3 family. Following in the footsteps of M3µ (mi) and M3α (alpha), M3τ (tau) comes to light as the result of our domain expertise in software development and automation solutions.

M3τ is an audio/video streaming analysing system for set-top boxes (STB), consoles and any streaming media player provided with HDMI inputs/outputs. It serves as a controller and analyser of audio/video, power and IR signals, as well as any other input/output signals for multiple devices under test (DUT).

Using the same established M3 platform, M3τ grants new potential to testing for streaming media market.

Multimedia control and analysis can be carried out through the development of elementary functions, which are implemented by using M3τ DevTool, our new interactive black-box development tool, with no need to access specific source codes.

As a result, the development process can be sped up. Also, no driver is necessary.
Each function is then called to build some test scenarios, even complex ones, to be run for test execution and eventually generate related reports.

Building a test becomes extremely easy now through the M3τ intuitive GUI, allowing even non-experts to build tests modularly by using a drag-and-drop approach. Furthemore, each test suite can be properly scheduled so as to reduce both time and manual resources used for testing.

This clearly leads to maximum test efficiency.

Test data can be collected and stored as statistics, as well as used to produce trend profiles for a better understanding of interactive multimedia performance.

Based on the M3 architecture, M3τ can be accessed from any site through a VPN.

M3τ – Experience  new future for multimedia testing!