Building on the established M3 testing platform, M3 Alpha brings sophisticated software test capabilities to the automotive market, for both Engine Control Units and vehicle systems.
M3 Alpha is meant to help automate and streamline the entire test process, from test creation to reporting.

The M3 testing platform architecture is a client-server architecture and can be accessed from any location worldwide via VPN.

Also, integration is one of the main features of the platform, in that it is adaptable to any purpose with APIs, allowing M3 Alpha to interface with any simulators, HIL systems and tools on the market.

M3 Alpha is fully customizable – Each section of the platform can be modified according with customer needs.

It is flexible, efficient and reliable – The platform was born to deliver an improvement over current test processes, it leads to better results at lower costs. Simple or complex tests can be built and customized quickly through an easy-to-use drag-and-drop Graphic User Interface, or by simply importing and processing already existing tests.

Fully integrated with our M3 DevTool, the M3 platform supports the development of customized testing programs, no matter which simulator or HIL systems are used.

A sophisticated scheduling capability ensures the tests to be scheduled, through straightforward calendar tools.

Each testing program delivers reliable reports, which are tailored according with specific requirements, allowing the visualization and analysis of test statistics.