Officially presented at Mobile World Congress 2015, M3µ has since then represented the intelligent solution against the challenges faced by companies in need of validating their own software products efficiently and reliably.

M3 brings new capabilities to the testing activities for Web or mobile applications on any device, whether it be a  smartphone or a tablet, connected to a PC or a Mac, and for any web browser.
Born from our M3 test automation platform, M3µ perfectly meets the core needs of companies by automating and streamlining the whole testing process, through a codefree approach.

M3µ is based on a Client-Server architecture and its testing capabilities are offered for both Android and iOS.

Once each test suite is planned according with specific requirements, building a test becomes extremely easy by using an intuitive GUI through a Plug & Play approach.

Each test suite can be scheduled on your preferences to run tests constantly through the day and night, at any time. Multiple tests can be launched in parallel and are available across multiple devices.

This results in maximizing testing efficiency, as well as reducing both time and manual resources.

Completely compatible with M3 DevTool, M3µ can run tests which are developed and created through our new intelligent black-box Development Tool.

By simply connecting a device to a pre-configured Client and launching an app, users can virtually access and select an object from the interface layer and combine it with the logic that is behind M3 DevTool. This way, they can build their own test scenarios without either accessing or modifying the source code.

Imagine, create and make your testing experience truly work for your business!