B3 is a brand new product revolutionising electronic fault testing. Conceived by our talented R&D team at Media Motive, along with the support of our Automotive Testing team, it transforms the ease and efficiency of creating, running and reporting of breakout box tests for any automotive system.

Available off the shelf, B3 is used to create test scenarios by defining multiple electrical faults and failures automatically and can be re-configured or re-deployed for use with any vehicle, independently of the specific Electronic Central Unit, by swapping the wiring harness and reconfiguring the UI.

Faults are initiated through an innovative User Interface to virtually ‘break’ connections and no manual interaction with the real system and its cables is necessary. As a result, a significant increase in the rate at which tests can be performed is obtained, along with a reduction of errors.

The compact size and remote operations through a  PC allows the testing to become possible on a moving vehicle.

B3 is a programmable and easy-to-use solution for in-vehicle testing, testbed or hardware-in-loop systems.

  • Flexibility – Integrate B3 with M3 Alpha or other testing automation platforms;
  • Scalability – Expand your system to meet any requirement;
  • Modularity – Build your own test brick by brick;
  • Configurability – Set up B3 for any automotive system; 

Go through an experience beyond breakout box – Experience B3! The brand new testing platform as you’ve never seen before!