Automotive software

Our Team

Automotive Software Factory (ASF) started when production software no longer met the ever-growing requirements of car manufacturers. There was a need to introduce standards, methodologies and technologies that would allow the traceability and reverse engineering of each software development phase, in order to obtain a more reliable and high quality product.
ASF has smartly turned this difficulty into a growth opportunity, introducing early on standards such as AUTOSAR and MISRA C as well as SPICE (currently the required standard for most car manufactuers) in its processes.

Our Competence and Skills

ASF implements embedded control units software, to govern several vehicle parts such as powertrain, instrument panel cluster or vehicle infotainment. The ASF produces software for various levels (software domains): application, basic and diagnostic software for any embedded device, as well as business logic software (application logic and view logic) that manages the displays for target system-user interaction, and in addition, the integration software.
The ASF complies with smart processes and methodologies.
According to V-model software development process, the workflow consists in separate development phases, each one with an associated test phase.
Almost all the software is implemented with the Model-Based Design (MBD), a logical-mathematical model based methodology applied to the development process, which has many advantages.

Our Offer

At ASF we:

  • Support clients in developing solutions carefully customised to specific needs,
  • Implement embedded software applications, for the control of the electrical and mechanical systems of the vehicle, as well as its interaction with the user, thanks to our expertise in the automotive sector,
  • Ensure our products are always up to customer expectations by using specific next-generation technology in the industry, in compliance with international and clients’ standards,
  • Plan, build and continuously review each phase of software development, with the methodology that best matches the customer’s internal process,
  • Create tools to automate repetitive tasks.